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白小姐二中二平码论坛: Meet the cast of Dundee

Chris Hemsworth

It’s no secret that Chris has a soft spot for Australia’s beautiful beaches. He loves the spectacular surfing in Byron Bay, along the Tweed Coast and at famous Bells Beach on the Great Ocean Road. However, in his explorations of the country’s best beach backdrops he’s discovered there’s just as much magic outside of the water. Near Melbourne, Phillip Island is home to the famous (and adorable) Penguin Parade and idyllic coastal walks. On your way there, stop at the the wine and wellness hotspot of the Mornington Peninsula. Chris also enjoys spending time with native wildlife, and Kangaroo Island is a favourite for spotting furry friends. It’s also known for being a culinary hotspot and is home to one of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

Danny McBride

Danny’s adventures on set took him from the red sands of the outback to the topaz blues of the Great Barrier Reef. Whether you see it from a helicopter like Danny, or spend a week sailing in the Whitsundays and visiting island resorts, the reef is simply magical. Danny was also mesmerised by colourful outback landscapes that invite visitors to connect with nature. Learn about Aboriginal history through Dreamtime stories and Indigenous art, and experience one of the region’s wildly hilarious events - the Camel Cup in Alice Springs. Everywhere he went, Danny was impressed by the incredible on-set catering, the beer in particular. Enjoy a cold one at BentSpoke or Capital Brewing in Canberra or Little Creatures in Fremantle near Perth.

Luke Hemsworth

Luke enjoyed his time filming near Alice Springs, a location that truly is unlike anywhere else. The vast landscape and colourful backdrops of the Red Centre offer visitors a unique opportunity to disconnect and take things at a more relaxed pace. Whether it’s hiking the Larapinta Trail and camping along the way or staying in an opulent hotel with views of Uluru, a visit to the heart of the country is always transformative. Learn the history of the land from the local Aboriginal people through their art and oral traditions. Explore the 4WD tracks and freshwater swimming holes of the MacDonnell Ranges or stop halfway between Alice Springs and Uluru to watch a sunset from the rim of Kings Canyon.

The extras

Some of the most memorable characters you’ll meet on your trip to Australia are the animals. You can find them at any of the country’s wildlife parks or in the bush. Hand-feed a kangaroo and spot a platypus at Healesville Sanctuary or cuddle a koala at Cleland Wildlife Park near Adelaide. On Rottnest Island, near Perth, you can snap a selfie with a friendly quokka, while in Lucky Bay you’re likely to see kangaroos relaxing on the beach. Set off to Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain in search of wombats, wallabies and Tassie devils, or swim with playful sea lions and dolphins in the Eyre Peninsula. Thrill-seekers can even dive with saltwater crocodiles in Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove – from the safety of a transparent enclosure, of course.

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