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046期平码二中二: Tee off Down Under

Great Golf Courses of Australia

To narrow down where you should play, the Great Golf Courses of Australia is a curated list of the finest golf courses and private clubs set in spectacular surroundings. Explore the state-by-state guide, which includes each course’s rankings, designer and a list of unique features about the course - whether it’s on the famous Sandbelt region outside of Melbourne, the dramatic dunes of Tasmania, seaside cliffs near Sydney or tropical islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Melbourne: A Golfing Great

With the highest concentration of Australian golf courses listed in the world’s top 100 (six to be exact!), Melbourne is a golfing great.  Here you can tee-off with views from beaches to ancient rivers and red gum forests. Explore the high-quality experiences on and off the course in the city and the nearby Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas. And don’t miss the Sandbelt region located just 30 minutes southeast of the city. Golf five of the world’s best, including Kingston HeathThe Metropolitan and Royal Melbourne, which is home to the 2019 Presidents Cup held on 9-15 December 2019.

Time your trip to the Presidents Cup

In 2019, the Presidents Cup is coming back to Royal Melbourne Golf Club (the only club in Australia to host the tournament twice). Watch as the tournament intensifies, and play a few rounds yourself in the Sandbelt. Relax in the nearby wineries and beaches in the up-and-coming Mornington Peninsula. Slip into naturally-heated spring water at the Peninsula Hot Springs,  and take a tour of some of the 50 top cellar doors (a.k.a. tasting rooms) including exploring Jackalope, a decades-old winery and luxury hotel.

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